Who would want to fight for me...

Sometimes it's hard to look at my circumstances and realize when it's worth asking others for prayer on my behalf... I'm not sure why that is. I'm not sure if it's because I don't give spiritual warfare enough credit. Or maybe that I don't feel worthy enough to be a part of something called warfare... I mean, really, "warfare" sounds so intense. So dramatic. Would it just be dramatic to think it exists - or that it exists around me?
1st Peter calls me to consider it... reminding me that I have an adversary in the devil, who prowls like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour. The thoughts and feelings are all mixed as I consider all my lack..."who would want to fight for me or for my attention"...... 

... then the Spirit whispers, "I am."

......and i breathe and stay here in this truth......... 

I am not the threat. Ha... no, I am not worthy of warfare. To state it plainly, of my own substance, I bring only more value to the team of the enemy. 
 {See Romans 8}

But remember....
It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.

{Galatians 2:20}

Warfare is a holy privilege. Christ has given His Spirit to seal His beloved. And with this He has made me worthy. He has made me valuable. My value and worth is in Christ ALONE. And He has made me a vessel of light in darkness, a vessel of hope in despair, a vessel of peace amidst chaos, a vessel of comfort amidst heartache. YES. These things are worthy of warfare. YES, I am just a vessel. But a vessel who carries LIFE nonetheless. And I will press on by the strength and grace and empowerment of the One who lives within me. Rejoicing and giving thanks in all circumstances.

In light of this beautiful and sobering reality, I need to ask you, my friends, to remember me as you go to the Father. Also, I encourage you to be present and aware. Look to those God has placed around you and truly see them. Rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn. Take time to pray for one another. 

"The devil, if he cannot hinder us from duty, will hinder us in duty."
Thomas Watson

I am praying Philippians 1:3-11 over you all this week. 
Press on dear ones. 

in the midst of winter

2015-02-17 09.05.15.jpg

in the midst of winter. 

I can't begin to tell you all that this season has brought. It has conquered me and challenged me in many ways. 

And yet I know that this is just a transition.... all seasons come and go. All seasons are built upon the premise of transition. Seasons are never meant to stay. They come and go on purpose... with purpose.

Just look at the trees. Their limbs may be bare, the glory in their leaves dried up and destroyed - yet they do not give up hope that the spring is yet to come. The roots are strong and deep. The life in the tree is stronger than the winter. Yet without the winter would we know the resilience of that life? 

So take a moment.... consider the winter, and the new season to come  - in the spring we see the character of the root, it's long-suffering and strength, and the evidence that it never pulled away from it's true life source. 

And in the spring, the limbs will be restored.

So here we are, with the trees, in the midst of winter, hoping and looking for spring. Praying that this winter reveals resilience of life in us, by the grace of deep roots that have not given up hope, as the spring will come soon and restore the life in our limbs.

Show Your Glory Lord.

Press on dear friends. As always, I am walking with you...

this season, the fight, and some new tour dates...

So today I'm home visiting with my family. it's peaceful here. Home is where I feel like I can conquer the world. It's when I step out that I begin to doubt that. Praise the Lord He's already done it so I don't have to anyway. :)

I led worship with a friend last week at Southeastern Seminary, on a morning that David Platt spoke. In his message that you can find online, he said, "Where the battle is raging, there the loyalty of the soldier is proven."

It's easy in a lot of ways to prepare for a battle or a conversation or an event. However, when the battle is raging and you stand in the middle, when you have to recall the scripture to guide your soul or a friend through hard times, when you stand on a stage and everyone is staring at you like you're a television screen... it's in those moments where the rubber meets the road and the path of the true disciple is made clear. I find it hard to remember the reality of the battle sometimes when I'm not in the very middle of it. So I can get lazy in my preparation. So I was so encouraged and challenged by what he said - the entire message is beautiful and timely. But I wanted to bring attention to this quote because it was a great kick in the rear for me. We all need that sometimes. A little coal for the fire. This is exactly what my song "Ready" is about. Being reminded of our battle and being prepared for it; ready to fight. Our God is good and will fight for us as scripture says. Yet there are so many things scripture calls us to. Things to fight. Things to flee. People to love and serve. As we walk as disciples and carry the great message of the cross and a beautiful risen Savior, we are called to a specific battleplan. Do you know it? This has been the coal in my fire. I want to be ready.

This season for me has been transitional and busy, full of grace and beauty. I am getting ready to promote a single to radio. This is all new territory for me and I would be so grateful if you would remember to pray as I attempt to navigate this road. God has placed some amazing people in my life that are helping me approach this road well so I'm just grateful and taking one step at a time. 

There will also be more tour dates added soon, as I am set for a series of dates to open for Matt Papa on his Look & Live album release tour. Matt and his family and his band are dear friends of mine so I am so excited to spend some time with them all on the road.  If you are near one of the tour stops, please come and say hello! I'd love to meet you.

In the meantime, press on toward our high calling in Christ. Know the battleplan. Fight well. 

Heart of the Oaks :: Christmas show with friends

We had so much fun last night playing a last-minute impromptu show that we were able to put together with some dear friends of ours! I hosted a lovely night at a perfect local coffeeshop/venue, hoping people would come out to hear some new music and celebrate the season together. My favorite local artists were all able to join in on the fun.

These artists and I collaborate sometimes and frequently share touring players. If I had to choose one thing to be thankful for this season, aside from the grace of our God, I'd tell you I'm grateful for these dear friends. They are an amazing display of constant solidarity in focus and passion for Jesus. I am forever in debt to them as they increase my love for Him.

In case you are curious who the other artists you heard from were, they are listed for you below.

Christa Wells
Josh Via
Chad Lister 
Patrick Downing
Jess Ray
Mike Passaro
Will Hughes


The time has come...

Well ladies and gentlemen, there is news on the horizon in my little world of music. Some of you may have even heard the rumors and have been waiting to hear the confirmation. YES. The new cd released a few minutes ago online.


I can't even begin to describe to you all the things I've learned over the past few years. Much of my time has been spent at home with my family for numerous reasons and it has been a sweet season. Being away from the people I have written songs with in the past forced me to go back to the way I processed life when I was young... just with a simple melody and lyrics. I tend to journal in poetic form. Sometimes it rhymes, sometimes not. It's mostly pretty raw and honest. A sort of documentation of the way I process and learn. I purchased a keyboard to help me get the ideas and feelings out of my head and those keys have been dear friends. They sit and listen, allowing me to work it out, they have helped me to speak when I haven't had words to express my frustrations and my joys. They are a constant, a comfort. They are honest with me, and make it obvious when I am making poor melodic decisions. It's in a room with just a piano and my God, that I have felt most honest and free. No one would laugh as I sing off key, or judge as I cry while I sit there by myself. There the keys sat... ready to help me put a voice to a feeling. To put a song to life. I have learned so much. How to be a better friend to those who are hurting. How to be still, and listen in the silence. How to trust that when one wrong note is played it doesn't keep me from playing again, it doesn't mess up the song, it makes it real. From human, imperfect hands. In all of this imperfection, there is a patient and long work happening within me. It's all a part of growing up, experiencing life, beholding my Creator, and seeking beauty in the mire. 

I hope that in this music, you can relate to life with me. All it's joys, sorrows, and mysteries of what's to come. I am eager to hear your thoughts.