The Invitation Stands

As Christians we can look back to a time when our eyes were opened, when we realized the depth of our sin, and in the exact same moment felt the fullness of the power and grace of the blood of Jesus. Forgiveness. The full embrace of the Father. Yet in the days following our surrender and knowing His forgiveness, we fall again... we miss the mark of perfection... and we now feel the separation that sin causes, yet we don't remember the invitation of grace and forgiveness. We don't feel fully cleansed anymore.

But friends, let me encourage you today. Before you believed, before your eyes were opened, your sin separated you from the love of the Father, but, in Christ, there is NO CONDEMNATION. NO SEPARATION. As believers, when we see our sin, it is evidence that God is near to us. It's by His grace that we can see. It's by His light that our darkness is exposed. So when you see your sin remember that it's only by His grace. He is drawing near to you, revealing your darkness... His nearness is our good! This is so beautiful friends. He is not waiting to condemn, He is always extending the invitation for you to come out of hiding. For every aspect of your life to be fully lived in His light. The invitation to true freedom.

Satan will twist your thoughts and cause you to believe that God no longer accepts you when you fail as a believer and follower of Christ. But if that were true none of us would be ok. All of us would fall under condemnation. But the invitation stands. The embrace of the Father remains steadfast... not based on our works but on the work of Christ. When you see your sin remember that He is drawing near to you, not resisting you. Rest in His love today. Confess your sin, turn from it; and as you do, remember He opened your eyes to see it because He is working out holiness within you. He loves you. And He will finish the work He began.