in the midst of winter

2015-02-17 09.05.15.jpg

in the midst of winter. 

I can't begin to tell you all that this season has brought. It has conquered me and challenged me in many ways. 

And yet I know that this is just a transition.... all seasons come and go. All seasons are built upon the premise of transition. Seasons are never meant to stay. They come and go on purpose... with purpose.

Just look at the trees. Their limbs may be bare, the glory in their leaves dried up and destroyed - yet they do not give up hope that the spring is yet to come. The roots are strong and deep. The life in the tree is stronger than the winter. Yet without the winter would we know the resilience of that life? 

So take a moment.... consider the winter, and the new season to come  - in the spring we see the character of the root, it's long-suffering and strength, and the evidence that it never pulled away from it's true life source. 

And in the spring, the limbs will be restored.

So here we are, with the trees, in the midst of winter, hoping and looking for spring. Praying that this winter reveals resilience of life in us, by the grace of deep roots that have not given up hope, as the spring will come soon and restore the life in our limbs.

Show Your Glory Lord.

Press on dear friends. As always, I am walking with you...