this season, the fight, and some new tour dates...

So today I'm home visiting with my family. it's peaceful here. Home is where I feel like I can conquer the world. It's when I step out that I begin to doubt that. Praise the Lord He's already done it so I don't have to anyway. :)

I led worship with a friend last week at Southeastern Seminary, on a morning that David Platt spoke. In his message that you can find online, he said, "Where the battle is raging, there the loyalty of the soldier is proven."

It's easy in a lot of ways to prepare for a battle or a conversation or an event. However, when the battle is raging and you stand in the middle, when you have to recall the scripture to guide your soul or a friend through hard times, when you stand on a stage and everyone is staring at you like you're a television screen... it's in those moments where the rubber meets the road and the path of the true disciple is made clear. I find it hard to remember the reality of the battle sometimes when I'm not in the very middle of it. So I can get lazy in my preparation. So I was so encouraged and challenged by what he said - the entire message is beautiful and timely. But I wanted to bring attention to this quote because it was a great kick in the rear for me. We all need that sometimes. A little coal for the fire. This is exactly what my song "Ready" is about. Being reminded of our battle and being prepared for it; ready to fight. Our God is good and will fight for us as scripture says. Yet there are so many things scripture calls us to. Things to fight. Things to flee. People to love and serve. As we walk as disciples and carry the great message of the cross and a beautiful risen Savior, we are called to a specific battleplan. Do you know it? This has been the coal in my fire. I want to be ready.

This season for me has been transitional and busy, full of grace and beauty. I am getting ready to promote a single to radio. This is all new territory for me and I would be so grateful if you would remember to pray as I attempt to navigate this road. God has placed some amazing people in my life that are helping me approach this road well so I'm just grateful and taking one step at a time. 

There will also be more tour dates added soon, as I am set for a series of dates to open for Matt Papa on his Look & Live album release tour. Matt and his family and his band are dear friends of mine so I am so excited to spend some time with them all on the road.  If you are near one of the tour stops, please come and say hello! I'd love to meet you.

In the meantime, press on toward our high calling in Christ. Know the battleplan. Fight well.