Heart of the Oaks :: Christmas show with friends

We had so much fun last night playing a last-minute impromptu show that we were able to put together with some dear friends of ours! I hosted a lovely night at a perfect local coffeeshop/venue, hoping people would come out to hear some new music and celebrate the season together. My favorite local artists were all able to join in on the fun.

These artists and I collaborate sometimes and frequently share touring players. If I had to choose one thing to be thankful for this season, aside from the grace of our God, I'd tell you I'm grateful for these dear friends. They are an amazing display of constant solidarity in focus and passion for Jesus. I am forever in debt to them as they increase my love for Him.

In case you are curious who the other artists you heard from were, they are listed for you below.

Christa Wells
Josh Via
Chad Lister 
Patrick Downing
Jess Ray
Mike Passaro
Will Hughes