The time has come...

Well ladies and gentlemen, there is news on the horizon in my little world of music. Some of you may have even heard the rumors and have been waiting to hear the confirmation. YES. The new cd released a few minutes ago online.


I can't even begin to describe to you all the things I've learned over the past few years. Much of my time has been spent at home with my family for numerous reasons and it has been a sweet season. Being away from the people I have written songs with in the past forced me to go back to the way I processed life when I was young... just with a simple melody and lyrics. I tend to journal in poetic form. Sometimes it rhymes, sometimes not. It's mostly pretty raw and honest. A sort of documentation of the way I process and learn. I purchased a keyboard to help me get the ideas and feelings out of my head and those keys have been dear friends. They sit and listen, allowing me to work it out, they have helped me to speak when I haven't had words to express my frustrations and my joys. They are a constant, a comfort. They are honest with me, and make it obvious when I am making poor melodic decisions. It's in a room with just a piano and my God, that I have felt most honest and free. No one would laugh as I sing off key, or judge as I cry while I sit there by myself. There the keys sat... ready to help me put a voice to a feeling. To put a song to life. I have learned so much. How to be a better friend to those who are hurting. How to be still, and listen in the silence. How to trust that when one wrong note is played it doesn't keep me from playing again, it doesn't mess up the song, it makes it real. From human, imperfect hands. In all of this imperfection, there is a patient and long work happening within me. It's all a part of growing up, experiencing life, beholding my Creator, and seeking beauty in the mire. 

I hope that in this music, you can relate to life with me. All it's joys, sorrows, and mysteries of what's to come. I am eager to hear your thoughts.