unraveling - Lyrics

It is a simple goal in life to love. At least it sounds simple enough, right?  Well, in these songs, a door is opening; to share in a moment, a thought, a concern, to walk alongside one another and share life. If you've made it to this page, my guess is you are trying to learn some of these lyrics, which means we will likely be singing together soon. Love. This is it, our tie that binds. I am walking with you.

Press on. 

Lyrics for "A HYMN PROJECT" can be found on the music page in the downloadable chord charts.


hold me like a clam protects it's pearl
through every wave and tumble, and
crash upon the sand, only opening
when true love is mine and I am his

what love is this that calls to me
my name upon his hand
what love is this that meets belief
with an anchor to hold me in

upon the shore i land the world is new
so far from all i once knew
enchanted by the dream
the words i read before have
come to life in front of me

what love is this that speaks to me
in words that live within
what love is this that meets belief
with an anchor to hold me in

wondering what tomorrow might bring
in light of forever and all that i've been told
what sort of stories will be left to unfold

what love is this - it's beautiful


Redeemed Ones

Come all faithful, join the song
we the rescued ones sing
Hallelujah love has come
He has brought salvation here
life to the dead heart
Called us daughters, called us sons

O, we are your redeemed ones

All the winter of our sins
Long and dark is ending
Our ray of hope is found in Him
This spring of joy, this ancient truth
Brought us to freedom
The chains are gone, redemption wins

We're living for your glory,
Christ Immortal, King eternal
We're living for your glory


You have taken me apart now at the seams
You have brought me to where I'm on my last string

I've looped the rabbit's hole around the tree
Trying to ordain the life that's best for me
All my knots were tied, my bows fell perfectly
Now I'm unraveling... 

I've heard you say, "Wait for the better day  
There is purpose, even in the midst of this
And just as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow
I'll get you through the night"

Broken hearts are the disease of a broken world
Full of people who have locked away the hurt
But the healer of it all is at His work
In our unraveling

Yes I've found hope that stays around
And I've got peace that lets me wait this thing out
Just hold me while I await release, please

Tie That Binds

I do not deserve your love
I can not woo you to respond
I can not coerce your trust
If I tried I'd break our every bond
We have but one

This is the tie that binds
This is our common ground
We are bound in this time
To love, To love

You're bending like the tender reed
Almost broken by the wind
But I will wrap myself 'round you
To fortify your stand
I will not abandon

Hold our hope, this alone  
The fight isn't over
Hold our hope, this alone

Hold our hope
Hold our hope


Crown Him

Look to the light, the sight is glorious
See the man of sorrows reigns
Join with the heavenly chorus
Singing all the same refrain

Holy is Lamb who was slain
Holy is Lion who reigns

O, Crown Him, Crown Him

The Conqueror of death before us
Plunged under His fountain stream
Redeeming blood rushes over us
With this grace that finds us clean


To Our God

To our God belongs salvation,
His mighty hand alone can save
No human deed, desire, or effort
Can rescue men up from the grave

He spoke my name and bid me rise,
On my feet I ran to him
He now was my sacrifice,
The ransom paid for all my sin

Twas more to life than I had noticed
Now to me a law was felt
Demanding right and then condemning
All that within me dwelled

Then Christ appeared, a perfect man,
One in whom this law was kept
He looked at me and spread his hands
And breathed a final dying breath

Then Came a voice of grace and truth,
Like a beam of sunlit ray
The curse of death has been defeated
For I have power over the grave

I looked and saw this perfect man,
The one whom I was sure had died
Risen now in radiant splendor,
No longer dead or crucified


Hymn 27

My God, the spring of all my joys
The life of my delight
The glory of my brightest days 
and comfort of my nights
In darkest shades if He appear 
my dawning is begun
He is my soul’s sweet morning star 
and He is my rising sun

Father, my gracious Lord, guardian of my days
Your mercies all my heart records 
in songs of grateful praise
Ten thousand, thousand gifts 
they find their radiance in this 
that Jesus shows His heart is mine 
and whispers “I am His”

Alleluia, Alleluia

Savior, true word made flesh, 
Thy goodness I’ll pursue 
And when I stand on Heaven’s shores, 
I’ll sing thy praise a new

Where death is bound by laws fulfilled, 
my praises will ring out
And all the saints will join the theme, 
Let heaven’s walls resound...



This heart in me wanders
Looking for other loves to fulfill
the desire of choice today
What is this on my plate
The battle's getting harder now

I must choose this day
Whom I will serve
Know where my allegiance lies
and fight this fight

I want to be ready
I want to be ready

Compassion and mercy
They testify against me
in my constant need of their company 
But I can not forget their graces

I will choose this day 
Whom I will serve
Show where my allegiance lies
and fight this fight

I want to be ready (to fight this fight)

Shine your light through weakness
That's all that I can bring
Shine your light through weakness
That's all, That's all....  

I'm a soldier in Your army Lord
But I do not know how to wield this sword


Turn Your Eyes

Turn your eyes upon Jesus
Look full in His wonderful face
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim
In the light of His glory and grace

Stay the Night

Stay the night, o won't you stay here by my side
I am yours and you are mine
Stay the night

Hold my hand
We'll build our castle in the sand
We'll watch the waves as they come rollin' in
Just hold my hand


Be my love
We'll shine like the fiery stars above
We'll be the brightest in the universe  
o, be my love.